Let’s talk about hockey.

This isn’t really about one specific hockey game, or about one specific event. I sort of want to talk about hockey in general and more or less why I love covering hockey games. Whether it’s at MSU or elsewhere. Let’s talk about flow. I spent a good fifteen minutes searching for this photo, because I had […]

So I practically joined the ROTC for a day…

The time: 0600 hrs. The location: The middle of nowhere — aka: the woods. The slogan of the day: “Dude I play Call of Duty.” My love for shooting started with the original James Bond “Golden Eye,” eventually evolved into Call of Duty and Medal of Honor, and finally retreated to behind a camera. When […]

Basketball traveling (to Wisconsin)

Before I started my job in the news industry I could count on one hand the number of places I’ve been outside of Michigan — Ballroom competitions in Ohio and Indiana, stops in Pennsylvania, two night stay in upstate New York, weekend in New Jersey. I wasn’t a very well-traveled individual. But here I am, […]

The shootout experience against Minnesota

This goes all the way back to December of 2013, but the experience was almost surreal. While shooting from the bench at Michigan State, oftentimes there’s a rotation among photographers and the university videographer. Two people down there at a time. Depending on the game, you might get to shoot two periods, you might get […]