Behind the Camera

I’ve been working as a photographer for The State News since fall of 2012. Only recently did I realize that I had a style when it came to photographs. Only recently did I realize that my experiences were one of a kind — that no one would experience the exact same thing as me.


So I wanted to give a perspective that was unique to myself. I wanted to talk about my individual experiences, to show some photos from my raw take that didn’t make the cut, photos that got photo bombed, photos that turned out to just be funny in an ironic sense, and photos of my daily life as a photojournalist — a job I never would have imagined myself doing.


It’s possible that a lot of my photos will end up being bench photos from my time at various sport events. It’s also possible that most of them will be hockey and baseball. Crouching between the penalty box and the home team, hiding out near the dugout. These are the places where I feel most comfortable–until pucks, sticks, skates and huge men start flying at me, but even then I still get pretty excited.


Yours always,

Danyelle Morrow



all images are copyright Danyelle Morrow/The State News

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