A colorful take

I’m slowly delving into other events apart from sports, just because the summer sports season is obviously a little bit slower. But I wanted to talk a little bit about last year’s Color Run, aka: Your camera’s worst nightmare.

I’d been warned of the dangers of taking a DSLR to a color run event. Starch-based powder flying everywhere, getting stuck in the tiny intricate parts of your camera, ruining your hard earned dollars and possibly your livelihood. So a few days prior to I read up on how to protect your kit from the powder disease.

I covered everything in plastic baggies and duct tape and kept everything in Ziploc bags and carried around a can of compressed air. I tried my best to keep my distance, but obviously that’s hard when the idea of it is to get in the middle of everything.




I’d never witnessed one of these things before, and neither had my D300. It’s safe to say that I was very lenient with the auto detailer when I returned to work that day.

But the event itself was difficult to photography. The flying powder pretty much tinted everything and gave some of the photos a bit of a haze. Some of them turned out to be really Walking Dead-esque — disembodied heads floating out of the mist.



But the interesting part of it was how everything was doused in color. Hair, hands, clothing, faces, glasses. People went dressed to snag a bit of the color on their way out.










This year I definitely have some things planned for when it gets covered — ways to improve on last year, ways to do something different. I definitely want to get there a lot earlier and stick around a lot later. And maybe cover my gear a little bit better so that I can get a little bit closer.



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